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Geek T-Shirts are the most comfortable type of clothes. They let you relax and create a very casual environment around. You can wear them at home, for going out, enjoy the parties, casual events, etc.

You will surely find the geek T-Shirt for just about any occasion. However, many men end up making wrong choices. If you can’t make up your mind, then this guide may help you find the perfect one.


geek T-Shirts can be categorized in many ways. By sleeve length:

Full sleeves
Half sleeves
By neck shape:

Round neck
By collar:

Round collar
You will find printed men’s geek T-Shirts in all combinations from the above, so it really shouldn’t be difficult to pick one. The problem that most people encounter is that even if they find their favorite type and pattern, they often get the size wrong.

Picking the right geek T-Shirt

While everybody has their personal preference about what they do and do not like in a t-shirt, you still want to look good when you go out and meet people. Here are a few tips that might help you make good choices when it comes to t-shirts. You may find more information at Geek tees.

Full sleeve t-shirts look good and are the best option for cooler climates. However, they will start to feel uncomfortable when you wear them in even slightly warm weather. This is because they are not as loose as regular shirts and cling on to your body.
Loose fitted or regular fitted t-shirts will have universal appeal.
You can choose to wear tight fit printed t-shirts, but you need to be in good shape to look perfect in them. Most of the time, they reveal the fat around your waist, so make your choice accordingly.
Half or full sleeved polo shirts are the best for semi-formal parties or for a day out. They look sufficiently formal and make you fit into any kind of occasion.

The right size

You can gauge the size of printed t-shirts for men with a few simple tips. When you wear them, check whether the shoulder seams meet exactly where your shoulder and arm meet. That is the perfect size and the length will also be appropriate.