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Text messaging is an innovative way for businesses to stay linked with their customers. This concept involves sending text messages which are also referred to as short message services (SMS) to existing customers. Text message marketing can be helpful in accomplishing several goals, such as brand awareness, relationships, sales and coupons. You may want to start out slowly by sending an alert for e-billing and e-alerts. This combines a payment due reminder with any new product features, promotional sales or upgrades.Checkout- mass texting service.

Before you get involved in this strategy, you’ll have to determine your business needs. Companies that do not have a strong marketing strategy may work better with a full service firm, offering SMS services. Companies with their own marketing department may need a small firm which specializes, in SMS services. You’ll probably want to do a price and service comparison with several companies.

A business owner may want to choose a SMS platform that works with prospective clients that opt-in to a specific message. Also, clients who choose to receive text through their mobile provider. This type of opt-in is called a double opt-in service. Always consider if this is cost effective and that potential clients without unlimited messaging may be charged.

You may want to include technical support in your SMS platform service. The size of your business may dictate how important this may be for your company. You may want to partner with other companies.

Make sure you’re aware of the SMS marketing law. A law was put into place by Congress to stop unsolicited advertisements through short message service. Any businesses or individuals in violation can face fines through the Federal Communications Commission. The unsolicited messages are also called spam. The marketer must include an opt-out provision in the advertisement. Just remember to get clarification on the rules concerning this matter.

Brand awareness is a promotion to remind customers of the products being offered.

The text is sent to the customer database. Customers are reminded often so they become comfortable with the brand. This can potentially generate repeat sales. Texting can improve relationships with customers if they are provided something of value in a marketing message.

The more exposure you gain in front of the customer, the more likely they are to start building a relationship. Notifying clients of sales can serve a dual purpose in relationship building and mass promotion of items to large audiences. Coupons are a way to reward customers and effectively track the success of the this marketing strategy. Special event reminders are a text communicating, trunk sales, open houses and special customer appreciations to keep clients engaged and updated on services and products.